Paz Lopez Escritora

Writing from the heart♥

De Vuelta…

El tiempo pasa sin piedad, y nos enseña que no debemos desperdiciar oportunidades de apreciar todo aquello que nos rodea. A cuantos les pasa que despiertan y dicen ” OH Lunes otra vez!”, pero no has avanzado nada y ya la semana se ha acabado. Te quedas con la impresion de que el tiempo esta acelerandose y que uno no se da cuenta.

Hace n rato largo ya que he estado lejos de las cosas que mas me gustan, primeramente escribir, despues la fotografia, mis actividades sociales como Facebook, Wattpad, o cualquiera de las otras plataformas, todas ellas me permiten interactuar con bellas personas. Pronto seran 6 años desde que decidi darme una oportunidad en la escritura y aun esta en pie, y con mucha fuerza, solo que a veces las cosas deben hacerce mas despacio para que resulten, como quien crea arte, hay que pensar y no desesperarse y esto es lo que cuesta, mantener la linea y no flaquear.

A modo de agradecimiento a todas esas personas que me siguen, que me leen y que disfrutan de lo que yo puedo aportar va este articulo, fotografias de primavera “2016”, un poquito de la belleza que yo veo en las flores o naturaleza. Con todo mi cariño para ustedes.

___________________________**** -****________________________

Coming Back…

Time passes without mercy and teaches us that we must not waste the opportunity to appreciate everything around us whenever possible. How many people happens to wake up and say “OH Monday again?”
But you have not seen the days pass and you realize that the week has already finished. You feel that you’re left with the impression that time is accelerating and that you do not you realize this.

For several months I’ve been away from things that I like, first writing, then, photography ago, and my social activities such as Facebook, Wattpad, or any of the other platforms, in which I share my ideas.
They all allow me to interact with beautiful people as you are. It will soon be six years since I decided to take a chance on writing and is still standing, and very strong, just that sometimes things should be done more slowly to make them successfully, as one who creates art.
You have to think, and not to despair, and this part is the most difficult, keep the line and not give up.

My way of thanks to all those people who follow me, who read me, and enjoying what I can bring to this life, is dedicated this article, “Photographs of spring 2016”, a little of the beauty I I see the flowers or nature.
With all my love for you.


4 comments on “De Vuelta…

  1. ghostbusterbev
    May 19, 2016

    Glad to see you are taking time to “smell the roses”!

    • Paz Lopez
      May 19, 2016

      hi Beverley, it has been a difficult time, but I’m trying to put my things together again!!!!

  2. olganm
    May 18, 2016

    Gracias, Paz. Y a seguir adelante.

    • Paz Lopez
      May 19, 2016

      Gracias Olga, eso trato, seguir adelante!!!

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