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June 27, 2016

Time goes too fast for my taste!

Yes, it has been a long time since a post something to this section on my blog, but sometimes, I think that these events, like “Orbs” , are just meant to be admired for people who care about this, because what other people would care if not us? the one who actually sees them?

Well , if you were wondering if I have stopped seen orbs the answer is NO, I see them all the time, but, yes I have stopped taking soo many pictures, but here and there, when I want to make sure that they still here with me, I take my camera and I shoot for a while, inside or outside, day or night.

Recently I had my daughter’s graduation, and I couldn’t avoid taking some pictures with flash, and I noticed that I had a small orb, kind of bluish color,  appearing in many of my pictures, that is something that makes me happy, because when I see a colorful orb repeating  means that they wanted to be seen. Life after orbs is different, has a lot more meaning, and I feel every time that someone is always around me. I don’t question their existence anymore, is like I know from inside my heart that they are real, and is not just dust in the air like many would think, besides this is a personal experience and not a common occurrence, otherwise, everyone would be seen them.

I have seen beautiful Orbs, in mamy places, in my back yard or inside my home, in some videos or regular pictures, and I found out that they are always alert, when I call them out, they come!, I can see this reaction in pictures, I take first a few and I can clearly see that the pictures are clean, no orbs, but as soon as I say “hello”, thay come. The more I talk, the more start to come. But this doesn’t work for everyone, at least for me does.

Here are some new pictures!


This picture was taken the morning that my friend moved on to better life!

This picture was taken the morning that my friend moved on to better life!

This was another picture to remember, we were taking so many pictures and nothing, all clean, but was until my daughter asked if they were there that they showed up in the picture!

This was another picture to remember, we were taking so many pictures and nothing, all clean, but was until my daughter asked if they were there that they showed up in the picture!

November 5, 2014

No doubt that time is moving too fast, or is it just that I have many things on my plate and do not have time for everything. Well, I think it may be both the reasons why I have not uploaded a lot of news lately. We had been waiting for Halloween with great impatience, because we had many plans to celebrate this day in a different way, but things do not always go as one plans, so at least you try to do things. I thought during those days would have more presence of orbs at home, but it was the opposite. I took pictures during the previous days and there was not a single orb inside the house so it is that I came back to the yard to meet Mother Nature and see if she had better luck.
I soon discovered that I will have to change my camera, this is already slow, and I think it’s time, it has given me much joy and has accompanied me for a long time. I took some pictures, not many, because I did not see anything relevant on the screen, but when I was reviewing them on my computer, I saw that my photos had problems with light, flash, no longer shone as before, so I decided to apply more light and of course, then I saw the presence of orbs.

These pictures that I’m sharing will show you the dark one on the left and right next to it you will see the same picture with more light.  I did some cut out and enlarge them, I like to see how bright they are, not all the orbs are pure energy, I tend to believe that those that are full of light, are somehow special.





This orb is clearly moving, has the tail and is full of light!


Now this one, is gorgeous, I checked twice with other photos to see if anything could actually give this reflection, and I’m sure that nothing was in the way, so is a Perfect Pure Energy Orb.







June 4, 2014

I can’t believe how fast is this year going, soon it will be November and everything will be about to finish again. I don’t know if we are moving faster, or is just the amount of things that we have in our lives that doesn’t allow us to take a break and enjoy peacefully the time. I joined two pages- clubs where you can share Orbs experiences and it been a little weird to see the amount of speculations about “Orbs”. Is like every one wants to see something different in them. Like I said before, I believe that they are energy, beings og energy, something high above us, that they have intelligence, and will. But my believe doesn’t stop me from asking some questions here and there, like Do they have any relation to the people that has passed away? I still wonder, but my heart tells me that there is no connection, that they are completely different, probably something more close to Angels.

I haven’t stopped taking videos, but I just taking it and delete it, because, just because, storing them has become an issue, but I feel happy and blessed every time that I see that they still here with me.

Here are some of the pictures from the last months.


2014-04-30 amazing orbI took this one on April 26, which is my wedding anniversary,

happy to see that we had company



This was for Mother’s Day


And this   one … well I have several pictures form my daughter’s

birthday and this beautiful Orb seems to be having such a good time too!


March 19, 2014

It is my Birthday !!!! I was happy, even from before that day.

It’s been a little different but a good beginning of the year, and I have been expecting many things to happen. I stopped taken so many pictures of Orbs or videos, as I was doing before, but it doesn’t mean that I’m forgetting about them, no! absolutely No! on the contrary I have them present in my life, everyday. I think of these events as something really special and I don’t need to convince anyone of what I have seen, or what my dreams can tell me or perhaps what is the intention of these Orbs, I like to call them energy of Light.

Well, as my dreams have been very active lately, the night previous to my birthday I ask them if they were around, and after a couple of minutes they started to come, so this time was a gift for me, many of them were around, and I think they were happy to see me HAPPY. I’m sharing with you a short video, I hope you like it.

With all my love

Please to see the video follow the link


Having Friends Over!

February, 2014

I had decided to leave them alone for a little while, not because I was going crazy, or because I had doubts, but because I had more than clear that they were there, with me. A couple of week ago, me and my husband got together with a couple, they were new friends and they had something special, they were like us. What I mean is that it is so difficult to actually talk with regular people about many things that actually are part of our lives, that, to found them,  was like finding gold!

After a couple of weeks going out on the weekends and talk and talk, for hours, having the best time, I decided to invite them home, and,  like I usually do, I ask them (the energies), yes, I do ask them.

In the morning of that Saturday, I found myself awake very early, trying to remember my dream, thing that I do every time that I can, and I turned to my night table to take my phone with the intention of look up a word, but instead as soon as I opened the screen I saw my friend’s message from the day before, and in that moment I decided to open the video and record a little. I knew from before that if I ask I would get an answer, so I did, I asked if it was OK for them to come home that night.

The answer was quick and clear, it was OK for them to come. How I know this? easy, every time that I ask something, I wait after I ask, and if I see more orbs after my question, means to me that it is OK, if I don’t see orbs, means NO, and I take it very seriously, since Orbs are very pure energy, they don’t like dark energies.

We had a terrific time, and it seems like we know each other since ever, hopefully this is a friendship that will last for ever, or maybe this is what it is! Can be possible that we were already friends in other lives? it feels like that?

I have some pictures of some Energies after they left, that night, which is for me nice to see, that mean that they were enjoying the gather with us.DSC01266



DSC01399 croped

This was cropped because I don’t want to break the privacy of the picture, but let me tell you that what it is nice about this picture, it that there is a blue energy close to my friend, this means that she has been guided by it (it was subtle but I know it is blue).

The Winter Storms

February 2, 2014

I have been working in other projects and I had decided to not take pictures anymore, at least for a while. Happen that I needed more storage for my pictures and after what I went through with my WD Passport I wasn’t sure what kind  of storage should I get. So I decided not to take so many pictures of orbs anymore even though is something that I really like. Now in the past few weeks I felt drawn  to check for orbs in my house, I had this feeling of solitude and since the Orbs came across I had felt like they are something very special around me and I like to see them in my house. Well, I took several pictures, and I promised myself that I would delete them after, which I did, but I felt sad,my house was empty, no Orbs. For many days I was doing the same routine, taking some pictures in the morning after saying hello and inviting them to show themselves, same thing in the afternoon, but nothing. Once in while one or two were present, but not as many as before.

I know from before,   that Orbs come inside when it is storming outside, so this past Monday we had a big storm and when it was snowing real hard and I had my daughter’s friend over, they started to sing songs and I knew that I should take some pictures, Orbs love activities like that. So the pictures that I took confirmed my theory, they were inside, and many of them. I was happy and I felt accompanied again. So here are some pictures from this past storm.







The September Full Moon, Fall 2013 arrives

I was ready for the nice weather, see the trees changing color is my favor thing. For the past few months I have constantly taking pictures of Orbs, not sharing them so often because I think people get tired of seen the same thing. Most of them don’t understand what it is or for what reason they are here, and being honest  I kind of have an idea but I can say certainly that I know their purpose of being here. I really hope is all for a good one.


This picture was taken mid day, after a small conversation with the air in my house, I had asked if they still were in the house, and the answer was obvious.

DSC07366 DSC07367

These other two pictures was taken after 4 days without Orbs in the house, seem like they travel and not always are here.


This was taken September 21 in my back yard, beautiful moon


As you can see, there is always a lot of activity in the back of my property.


This was a beautiful night.

The Full Moon of August , Monday 19 2013

I was not ready to go out, in fact I had already my shoes off, but it was 8:43 when the lady at the news said that 8:45 would be the right moment to see the Full moon for August, and as soon as I heard that I run outside, trying to put up my shoes and grabbing my camera. So once outside I walked to the middle of the back yard, there is a big open space there that gets very light up when the moon is full, so bright that you can see everything. Unfortunately the pictures were not so great this time, always get some in between of the many that I take, but not this time, instead I had Orbs, I said once I was out there  “better take some pictures” but it was not the main idea.  I was happy after all I got many Light Beings and a little creature, which have been appearing in some pictures lately.  Well here are some of the pictures I hope you enjoy them.







August 3, 2013

A couple of days ago I was in the city of Manhattan, visiting some very nice places, and I will confess, I was not looking for Orbs “AT ALL”, it was early en the day and basically I was force to not use flash, so I didn’t even think of it. To my surprise when I was moving the pictures from my storage memory card to my computer I saw something that I thought was impossible. Most of the Orbs chasers say that only with flash you can see orbs, but I been starting to think and to relay on the idea that that’s not true. I have my self pictures before with no flash and Orbs, and now this time, that is very impressive. Why at the Grand Central and not at the Public Library? I don’t know, but I do know that I was happy to be there and I felt very good, and Grand Central was my last stop.

The pictures that I’m going to share did not have the use of flash on them so I just applied more light at the moment to transfer them to my pc. I hope you enjoy them. Also just a challenge ” the last picture is a panoramic and if you find something or see something please share it.


DSC06956 DSC06956-2 DSC06957 DSC06957-2 DSC06958 DSC06959 DSC06961 DSC06961-2 DSC06964 DSC06964-2


July 17, 2013

A month ago I shared with you some important pictures for me, of course the events that brought the pictures up, still the same, I have this interest for Orbs and the meaning in my life. Well I have more pictures to share and I’m not saying that this are really orbs, because I don’t know, and I can assure you that this are not bugs either, so I’m not sure, but I believe in the sign of three, meaning for me that every time that I need to know something, it appears to me 3 times, in different contexts, and sometimes in different days too, but close enough to see the relation between. Is something personal.

Last week while I was reviewing some of my latest pictures I was asked by my husband – ” you are not looking for Orbs anymore?” – and I say, yes, always!. But after that I asked him -“why you say that?”- and he answered to me -” because I don’t see you taking pictures that often as before!”- That made me think, and in fact I have kind of decreasing the number of pictures, but I don’t stop thinking of them, that’s for sure.  What happened is that I felt like they are here for a reason and it is very personal,but I felt like I understood the message and I have worked in me, fixing myself if this explain how I see my behavior with Orbs lately. 

Ok I’m going to show you the first 4 pictures.  You can see that one is dark and the second was light up for better image and so the second set. and the other pictures are from the same night but you can see clear that those are Orbs. The thing here is that once in the past I was told that in one of my picture was a fairy, and it was very new to me, well now I don’t know what to think, but I saw pictures like this 3 times this week, one of the person that is very well-known in the Orb subject had pictures with hundreds of these little things similar to mine. Then browsing the internet for something completely different another picture came across, and then finally  I had a dream specifically about this little thing, but it is confusing I just remember that was important the number 4 and number one, no idea the meaning yet.

So it is up to you, if you have an opinion please share it, I would love to hear it.








Version en Español

Hace un mes que comparti con ustedes algunas imágenes importantes para mí, por supuesto los acontecimientos que llevaron a esas fotos, aun siguen siendo los mismos, yo tengo ese gran interés por Orbes y el significado de ellos en mi vida.
Bueno, hoy tengo más fotos para compartir con ustedes y no estoy diciendo que estas sean realmente orbes, porque yo no lo sé, y yo puedo asegurar que no son insectos tampoco, así que no estoy segura, pero creo que en señales de tres, lo que significa para mí que cada vez que tengo que saber algo, me  aparecen3 veces, en contextos diferentes,  en días diferentes también, pero lo suficientemente cerca para ver la relación entre ellas. Es algo personal.
La semana pasada, mientras estaba revisando algunas de mis últimas fotos me pregunto mi marido – “ya no  buscas mas Orbs?” – Y yo digo, sí, ¡siempre!. Pero después yo le pregunté – “¿Por qué dices eso?” – Y él me contestó – “porque yo no veo que  tomas  fotografías tan a menudo como antes!” –
Eso me hizo pensar, y de hecho se que he  disminuido el número de imágenes, pero no dejar de pensar en ellos, eso es por seguro que no. Lo que pasó es que me sentí como que están aquí por una razón y es muy personal, pero me sentí como si entendí el mensaje y he trabajado en mí, la fijación de mí ha sido  explicar cómo veo mi comportamiento con los orbes últimamente.
Ok voy a mostrar las primeros 4 fotos. Se puede ver que es oscuro y la segunda le puse luz para una mejor imagen y el segundo set lo mismo.
Y las otras fotos son de la misma noche, pero se puede ver claramente que esas son orbes.
La cosa aquí es que una vez en el pasado me dijeron que en una de mis imagenes habia un hada, y eso fue  nuevo e interesante para mí, y ahora no sé qué pensar, pero vi esta foto como 3 veces este semana, una de las personas que es muy bien conocida en la materia Orb tenían fotografías con cientos de estas pequeñas cosas parecidas a las mías.
A despues navegando por la Internet para algo completamente diferente otra imagen encontré, y finalmente tuve un sueño específicamente sobre esta pequeña cosa, pero es confuso Sólo recuerdo que era importante el número 4 y el número 1, ni idea del significado todavía.Por lo tanto, depende de ustedes aportar alguna informacion, si usted tiene una opinión, por favor compartela, me encantaría saberla.

June 14, 2013

Hi again, not to long ago I shared a post “What a Gift”, with all of you, it was definitively something special for me, no doubt about that, so now I want to post some of the pictures that I got that day. First of all, I want to tell you that I took many pictures before that special moment, and no Orbs were present, also I want to add that was raining earlier and it was wet ( the grounds) a lot of people like to ask this questions because they want to know the condition of the place where the pictures were taken. Many times I have Orbs, many of them, in a rainy day and I don’t share them just because many will just dismiss them because of the rain, but these one in particular were different, the size, and  the location, so I live it up to you. I hope you enjoy these pictures.


Hola de nuevo, no hace mucho tiempo que compartí un post “¿Qué regalo”, con todos ustedes, era definitivamente algo especial para mí, no hay duda sobre eso, así que ahora quiero publicar algunas de las fotos que tengo de ese día . En primer lugar, quiero decirles que tomé muchas fotos antes de ese momento especial, y no habia Orbes presente, también quiero añadir que estaba lloviendo antes y que estaba mojado (los jardines) mucha de gente hace  estas preguntas porque quieren conocer el estado del lugar en que se tomaron las las fotos. Muchas veces tengo Orbes, muchas de ellas, en un día lluvioso y no las comparto sólo porque muchos de ellos simplemente diran que son  a causa de la lluvia, pero estas  en particular son diferentes, el tamaño y la ubicación, así que lo dejo a su criterio . Espero que disfruten de estas fotos.






May 2, 2013

Hello everyone, for all those have been enjoying my gallery, I’m uploading some pictures that I took yesterday. I take pictures pretty often, but yesterday something called my attention. My little cat ” Spot”, we call her Spotty, was pleasantly resting on one of the small armchair, in the tv room. My tv. room is en between the large kitchen, with a lot of light and a huge sliding door, and, the dinning room, followed by the formal Living room. Well I hope my explanation can give a sense of location. Spotty was facing to the kitchen, on top of the chair, and I was in the other chair, next to her, suddenly she moved kind of being scared, like when she is sleeping and my daughter jump on top of her!!! so it called my attention, completely. The she was trying to go back to sleep, but she started to look back, then to the front, and she kept moving, then she got into chasing position, facing the kitchen, until this little creature, my spotty, has jump into the air, so far, that she reached the middle of the kitchen. It was amazing to watch. What in the world was that? my first question. I got up instantly to see o try to see what was she chasing after. Once in the kitchen, I saw Spotty looking all over, to the ceiling, to the sides, so I knew she was seeing something that I was not seeing. I run to grab my camera and when I finally did, Spotty was running back to the living room, so I turned on the camera and I started to shoot, and this is what I found ” I had Visitants” and then in the afternoon I felt like I should go out and there I found more of them.

Enjoy them!







April 17, 2013

Wow time flies and we are already finishing April, I say finishing because once we past the 15th  the rest of it goes fast. Between the Blog and my writing plus the other activities that I have, including the Facebook page dedicated to share my work, I have been really busy, but this doesn’t mean that I haven’t had the opportunity to see or to capture more ORBS around me. Well in the passed few weeks, I had friends, family like, visiting from out of the country. I haven’t seen them in years, really in many years, like 30 years 🙂 , and it was a fantastic time, amazing. When you realize that time has not change the way you feel about some people is the best experience ever. We had several moments to share memories, we cried, we laughed , we spent time remembering our childhood, wonderful time. But I had also the opportunity to share other things with them, like my experiences with Light Beings. It was something completely new for them, but for some reason, it was meant to be this way. Remember that I always say, “In life there is no coincidental moments”, is always meant to be. I’m not going to share the reasons why I think this visit was so important for them too, because I don’t have permission, but I will tell you that when they left, they left happier and with something new in their hearts. Orbs, or Light Beings are real, like or not, but what it is also real it is that not everyone is ready to meet them, to see them, to experience them !! And I have already learned this. My friends-family, had the experience to see them, and had many pictures with them too. What I will share now is some close up of some interesting ones, colorful and well-defined ORBS, what I believe they have higher light. I hope you like them.







February 8, 2013

Like many other days I was out taking pictures of lights ( orbs) and knowing that day that the storm would arrive within hours, I thought; ” maybe I will have some good ones today”, because every time is going to be a storm, “lights” are out and not inside, like the time for Hurricane Sandy. This time was also very windy and cold but it was not snowing yet. I have taken many pictures during rain ans snow and I can say that even though many of them have lights on it, not everyone is a real Orbs- light.  With time you learn to tell differences, like shape, light and structure, real orbs are different from drops of rain or snowflakes but yes, they can confuse you a bit. I will post some pictures and you will be able to see for yourself. I hope you like them.

5pm before the storm

Picture taken in the front yard around 5 pm.

Back yard

This picture was around 5pm, Friday before the storm in the back yard.

One hour later

This pictures was taken an hour later, it was windy and cold but the snow arrived close to 10 pm that night.

During the Storm

This picture was close to midnight, it was snowing and windy.

January 27, 2013

I’m going to share with you some pictures that I cut from a video. This has a history behind, and I will share that too.

I was debating to get the book  ORBS: Their Mission & Messages of Hope by Klaus Heinemann Ph.D. and Gundi Heinemann, for a long time. I wanted to read a good book on this subject and this book was coming across with other people, many times already, so I have finally decided to buy it, but like many thing in my life, this took some time. The local book shop did not have it and the other place close by driving didn’t have it either. So I when online and ordered it. it came faster than what I thought. It was Friday and it was late when the ups guy came and knock my door. It was a surprise, a nice one because I was not expecting the book until Tuesday, but I decided not to open the box that day and wait until next morning, I wanted to have a special time for this book, and that afternoon was pretty hectic, so the next day was Saturday, perfect so I can share with my little one, which is a very fan of the Light Beings or commonly called Orbs. The next morning when I told my daughter, she started to scream and jump up and down, she was so happy and told me “Finally Mom!!!”, so I could even open the box, she took it from my hands and rapidly opened it and grab seat to start reading it.  Quickly as I could I thought that I could record while she was reading in so may be I could catch something. To my surprise besides being very anxious for the content of the book, I realized that we were not alone, we had a big audience that day, specially that day.


This is a screen shot of the video

This is another screen shot, this was coming from another direction and a little bit more bright and yellow

This is another screen shot, this was coming from another direction and a little bit more bright and yellow

This was very difficult to catch, it was fast moving horizontal from right to left

This was very difficult to catch, it was fast moving horizontal from right to left

This came swirling around my daughter, but also very fast.

This came swirling around my daughter, but also very fast.

January 14, 2013

I was going through my folder where I keep all my pictures with presence of Light Beings and I came across of these ones, they love to come when my little one plays the piano, well I like too, but what it make it really interesting is that usually you can see more brighter and other beautiful colors.




December 24, 2012

DSC09402 DSC09403 DSC09404

These pictures were taken on December 24 passed 11 pm, close to my home. It was raining before but by the time we got there it had stopped. I’m really not sure which are , or are not Orbs, but I think there is a couple that definitively are orbs. This time has a special meaning for me, not just because it was Christmas Eve, but for personal reasons. I had asked for company, and I felt like I had it.

December 18, 2012

The following pictures are from 2 years ago, it was my daughter’s birthday and it was very humid and you could feel the breeze, so when I took these pictures I kept asking to re take them, they were full of “white spots”, so we took several, weird or not, after a while I look something different  many of them had double circle and that night we took a few pictures at home after we returned and they were many of these little one inside the house too. Was it mist? are they orbs? many of them look like clear Obs to me, what do you think?




December 11, 2012

There was a lot of fog that morning, and I took several pictures, trying to get more orbs than usual,

but actually there were just a few and nothing to do with the fog.


Same Orb, just enlarged


December 9, 2012

Trip to Mt. Bethel, PA, to the Palmer’s Christmas Trees Farm.

Is a tradition that every year we go there to get our tree, but what is new is that this is the first year that I have Orbs in my pictures, specifically in one part, The open Barn, where they wrap the trees, should I mention that this yeas I was specially looking forward to have some orbs in my pictures, it was rainy, so it would be the perfect weather to have them, as many non believers say, weather conditions?? But actually there were none outside, just in the Barn, and they were very interesting ones. Maybe they were there just because it was raining?

DSC08478 DSC08479


December 04, 2012


this picture was taken August 24, 2012


This a closeup from the one above

This pictures was taken a couple of months ago (2012). Just like always looking for something new in the outdoors. I was very surprised with this blue – light, there was nothing that could give a reflection like this.

Another picture of the same night, at the moment I didn’t notice anything on the picture, but years later I started to wonder a couple of things on it.

This picture was taken in 2009, right after a big storm. A big tree fell in my home, I was very lucky to see that my truck outside some how contained all the weight of this tree, and prevented it from going far into my home.

This picture was taken in 2009, right after a big storm. A big tree fell in my home, I was very lucky to see that my truck outside some how contained all the weight of this tree, and prevented it from going far into my home.

This pictures was taken on the second week in November. Every night right out of my door is a new experience.

This pictures was taken on the second week in November. Every night right out of my door is a new experience.

November 30, 2012

2012-11-30 picture

This pictures are old,  like 2 years back, at that time I didn’t realized what was happening.
Pictures are in sequence of 2-4 seconds. I was taking several pictures because I was decorating my house and moving furniture around.

DSC09927 (1)

This Picture is in June 2012, definitively we had a lot of people for the birthday celebration 🙂






  1. pensamientos de vida
    September 8, 2014

    Definitivamente no estamos solos! Siempre están los otros a nuestro alrededor y los otros somos nosotros mismos. 🙂

    Definitely we are not alone! There are always others around us and the others is ourselves.

    • Marcela-Paz
      September 8, 2014

      Definitivamente, y si eso de ser nosotros mismos, es lo que yo creo, claro que sin cuerpo humano, 🙂

      • pensamientos de vida
        September 8, 2014

        Es un estudio bastante avanzado, le acabo de enviar esta pág a mi hermano que es especialista en orbs, estaremos en contacto. Feliz día.

    • Marcela-Paz
      September 8, 2014

      Interesante, las orbs llegaron a mi vida desde hace mucho pero fue hace solo unos años en que realmente las conoci como tal, es algo muy lindo para mi, parti d emi vivir.

    • Marcela-Paz
      September 8, 2014

      si necesitas algo o alguna informacion me puedes localizar a traves de email

  2. bearspawprint
    August 14, 2013

    July 17 That is a Lightening Bug. One of the wonders of summer and childhood.—-Bear

    • my secret love for you
      August 14, 2013

      Hi bearspawprint, could you tell me more about this? because it was really something that was around us and I think I have one or two more pictures where you can see it, I would love to know more

      • bearspawprint
        August 14, 2013

        I hope this helps. I have images that closely resemble yours. as well. ————–
        Lightning Bug ————-
        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia——
        Lightning Bug can refer to:
        A firefly, particularly North American Photinus, Photuris and Pyractomena

        Firefly (Lightning Bug) – National Geographic‎
        Learn all you wanted to know about fireflies with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic.—————- Also if you do a Google images search for Lightening Bugs, Fireflies you may find interesting results ———– have fun——–Bear

    • my secret love for you
      August 14, 2013

      Thank you, I don’t know what I was thinking!!, but in fact it was the first idea until we made the comparison. Thank you for the info, for some reason I thought we were talking about some other bug, Thank you any way. Greetings

      • bearspawprint
        August 14, 2013

        I suppose it is all the pesticides and other poisons, but Lightening Bugs are not so prevalent as when I was a child. Then the Faerie lights flitted through all outdoor evenings. Where I live now, there are all sorts of wonderful lights and glows from all sorts of wonderful sources.

      • my secret love for you
        August 14, 2013

        I see, it must be wonderful to be able to live with so many gifts from mother nature, I remember that since I was a child I love to go to the country side and enjoy feeling free. I’m fortunate, I’m still have a decent portion of green which I enjoy very much. This year we didn’t see as many fireflies as last year, but we did, at least.

  3. Pingback: Update in My Picture Gallery | El Closet de Los Recuerdos

  4. susanG
    April 25, 2013

    Wow, Marcella, those are some awesome orbs. Thank you for sharing them!

  5. Pingback: GALLERY PICTURE UPDATE | El Closet de Los Recuerdos

  6. Mia - Lights of Clarity -
    March 20, 2013

    What amazing orbs! ¡Y que bonita casa tienes! The close up of the orb is incredible.

    • my secret love for you
      March 20, 2013

      Hi Mia, thank you.
      What it is your position on “orbs”? there is a lot of people that they think that is just dust or other type of particles, what about you?

      • Mia - Lights of Clarity -
        March 20, 2013

        I believe that they do exist and can be viewed quite often like those you have here. I realize some people have dirty camera lens or see particles but I also know from experience that those of us who see them know the difference.

      • my secret love for you
        March 20, 2013

        yes that’s true, it took me a while to understand “the orbs” subject but now is much better, I also have awaken to other senses that I didn’t have before, or at least I didn’t put to much attention to it. Mia do you have an email?

  7. synchronousmoments
    February 1, 2013

    I very much enjoyed your pictures and the way you presented them. I also have that book.

  8. Jacquie Bloggera
    January 28, 2013

    How beautiful pictures! I definately want to get that book too. Orbs are so sympathetic and cute… Thanks for sharing.

    • my secret love for you
      February 5, 2013

      Thanks Jacquie for your comment when you have the chance to read the book, let me know what do you think

  9. orbphotog
    January 28, 2013

    Thanks for sharing the video shots if your daughter reading the orb book. Good thinking on your part to capture such a moment of enthusiasm! Just what the Light Beings enjoy!

    • my secret love for you
      February 5, 2013

      Thank you ! I want to post the video but I’m not sure yet 🙂

      • orbphotog
        February 6, 2013

        When and if you are ready to share, it would be very interesting to show how the orbs move.

      • my secret love for you
        February 8, 2013

        Hi my friend Jean posted several videos on her blog maybe you would like to see them
        She made a comment on this post
        As ” synchronousmomements ” or something like that I may have misspelled the name. Is the first on the top.

    • my secret love for you
      March 25, 2013

      Hiii, I just wanted to share with you the link to see the video, I remember that you mention to let you know when I share it
      this is the link for my page where you can see it, I hope you like it.

  10. ghostbusterbev
    January 14, 2013

    I can see two figures on the closeup of the orb. Lovely home you have, Marcella.

    • my secret love for you
      January 15, 2013

      Hi B, what can you see? usually I try not to see anything, I’m just happy if they are here, but sometimes I have see clear faces, like my dog Nova, she came back and spend time in the house, of that I’m sure . sure

      • ghostbusterbev
        January 16, 2013

        I see two figures…male and female beings.

      • my secret love for you
        January 17, 2013

        Interesting, because I can hear a man coughing in the first floor sometimes, but my daughter says that the man is upstairs and that he just watches down.

  11. Alethea Kehas
    December 17, 2012

    I always think of Archangel Michael when I see the blue light in photographs. I often find this energy around my home – an energy of protection.

    • my secret love for you
      December 17, 2012

      It is hard to explain many of the emotions and sentiments that I have experience lately, but the blue light it is something that I found it so pretty, I have other two pictures with blue light, but not as bright just very soft but the question is the same, where the blue light came from? I have been told for other that the blue light belongs to Archangel Michael, so it must be.

  12. orbphotog
    December 10, 2012

    Your Christmas barn orbs are lovely, good questing on your part!

  13. Mah Jong
    November 27, 2012

    Gracias por compartirnos todo lo que esta alrededor, lo que aveces tenemos explicación y otras veces se va en busca de ello.

  14. Mah Jong
    November 27, 2012

    Esas Esferitas de luz tan intensas y esperacidas y la luz azul intensa como el color de un aura. No todos tienen algo tan cerca o experiencias así, creo que solo donde se posee gran sensibilidad humana.

  15. Mah Jong
    November 27, 2012

    Cada una de las fotos me deja pensando mucho más acerca del tema, siempre me ha llamado la atención lo que no siempre tiene respuestas o talvez lo que no todos quieren aceptar que hay algo más que no comprende.


    • my secret love for you
      February 5, 2013

      Estas como yo estaba, aprisionada entre doctrinas y creencias que la verdad nada explicaban para mi forma de vivir

  16. Mah Jong
    November 27, 2012

    Ahora puedo comprender un poco más acerca de esta imagen, gracias por compartirla y de alguna manera es grandioso ver que que esa camioneta fue la que recibio todo el impacto del arbol e
    increiblemente no en tu casa y tampoco a terceras personas. De que huvo una protección ahí divina, espiritual. según la fe de cada quien como quieran llamarle pero ese 2009 si que fue especial.

    • my secret love for you
      November 27, 2012

      mas si te comento que en el segundo piso estaba yo directo pegado a la ventana, incluso pude ver la gran sombra negra que se avecino a medida que el arbol caia.

      • Mah Jong
        November 27, 2012

        Waoo Definitivamente Eres bendecida.

  17. orbphotog
    November 27, 2012

    Very interesting blue light. I really like seeing your orb photos, thank you!

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